Dear Beef Producers –

Welcome to our offering of High Altitude, PAP Tested Hereford bulls. We would be happy to show you the bulls, cowherd, and herd sires anytime you are in our area.

Our present cowherd has grown from our own replacement heifers which are born, raised and developed at 8,000 ft. elevation and higher to produce in their natural, yet challenging environment including droughts, long harsh winters and whatever mother nature brings. We aim to produce practical, functional, low maintenance cattle that will produce for the cow-calf operator from
the highest mountain to the flattest prairie and
anywhere in-between.

Through all the fads and trends, we have strived to produce medium size cattle with rugged bone structure, depth, thickness and capacity to be feed efficient, easy keepers with natural fleshing ability. While EPDs provide a useful tool to pace our progress in the beef industry, we rely more on individual performance of each animal in the selection and culling process.

While on their mothers, these bulls summered on native grass and foothill pasture in the San Luis Valley. After weaning, the bull calves were wintered on a high roughage ration with very little grain. These bulls have never been “pushed” for maximum daily gain and are in their good flesh working clothes with sound feet and legs.

These are interesting and challenging times (again) for the beef business. The beef industry has made great strides with historic high cattle markets and ever increasing pounds of calf weaned per cow. Yet, the pounds of prime and choice beef produced per cow is still lagging. If we are going to compete with imported beef, we need to balance quality with quantity of American Raised Beef. Our genetic decisions today will impact our business for many years to come. Each bull investment not only offers the Quality Potential for short term gains in the calves he sires, but also much greater long term gains from his daughters and grand-daughters for generations to come.

Hereford and Hereford Cross cattle have long proven their excellence in percent live calves, growth, feed efficiency and quality carcass value. Regardless of the makeup of your cowherd, we hope you will consider the added benefits from the efficiency and quality of Hereford influence. Also, we urge you to support the beef producer organizations which are fighting for County of Origin Labeling (COOL) so the consumers can know they are choosing quality American Beef.

We welcome any questions, suggestions, or feedback which will help us meet your needs as cattle producers.

Thanks to our customers past and present for your support.


Mike Sprunger & Staff
Fuchs Ranch Herefords