Saturday January 14, 2023 at 1:00 p.m.

(Alternate Storm Date TBA)
at Valley Livestock Auction – 5 miles east of Monte Vista, CO, Highway 160
Sale Day Phone: Valley Livestock Auction: 719.852.9500 / Mike at Fuchs Ranch Herefords Cell: 719.850.4006
Lunch will be available at the Sale Barn Cafe.

Terms: Terms of the Sale are cash. Each lot will be sold to the highest bidder. Announcements made from the auction block take precedence over printed material. Payment must be made by purchaser before any animal will be released from the premises. All animals are at buyers risk as soon as bid off.

Health: Colorado is a T.B. and Brucellosis-free state. All females in our herd have been Bangs vaccinated, and are on a rigorous vaccination and parasite control program. Sale bulls are current on vaccinations and back poured. Sale bulls were tested for PI-BVD as calves in 2021, and were Fertility and Trich. tested (tagged for 2023) on October. 25, 2022, by Alpine Vet, Monte Vista, CO.

Fertility and PAP Guarantee: All bulls are PAP tested, Fertility and Trich. tested and evaluated for breeding soundness, and to the best of our knowledge, are without any known defects, and are guaranteed to be sound breeders.
Fertility: If a bull fails to breed through the first breeding season after time of sale, he may be returned. Seller reserves the right to test the bull for a reasonable length of time. If the bull proves to be a breeder, it will be returned to buyer at buyer’s expense. If the bull proves to be a non-breeder, seller will replace the animal with a comparable bull of equal value, less the original bull’s salvage value. If a replacement bull is not available, the buyer will receive a credit toward a bull in our next sale offering.

PAP: Dr. Tim Holt has established a PAP score limit of 45 for cattle which are tested at high altitude and stay at high altitude. If a bull develops “High Mountain Disease” within the first breeding season after time of sale, bull should be returned as soon as possible. If the bull is confirmed with “High Mountain Disease”, buyer will receive a replacement or credit under the same terms as a non-breeder.

ONLINE BIDDING: To participate in online bidding, the buyer must have high speed internet. Log on to and create an account. Then, scroll to Valley Livestock Auction and click on Submit. After you have filled in your bank information, click on Continue. Your request will be sent for approval and you will receive an email confirming your approval to bid. If you have any questions or problems, call Cattle USA at (580) 237-4600, or Valley Livestock Auction at (719) 852-9500. Videos of each sale bull are available on our sale bulls page.

Arrangements: Can be made for feed and care of purchased animals, at buyer’s risk, that cannot be picked up after the sale.

Liability: Anyone attending the sale does so at their own risk.

Absentee Bids: If a buyer is unable to attend the sale, or participate online, please contact Mike at Fuchs Ranch Herefords – home ph. (719) 657-2519 or cell ph. (719) 850-4006, or Valley Livestock Auction (719) 852-9500. All bids will be handled as you direct.


Birth Wt. Wean Wt. Yr. Wt. Milk M+G Rib Eye Marbling
+2.8 +54 +87 +26 +53 +0.41 +0.11